Do you know why is important a flat bone?

The sternum or breastbone is a long flat bone shaped like a necktie located in the center of the chest, what is made up of much spongy bone tissue, making it an important area of red blood cell productions. However, the central part of the sternum serves as a typical place for bone marrow tests. This test is known as “Sternal Puncture”./.

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How many vertebrae have people?

The seven cervical vertebrae provide support and stability to the neck. Among them the “atlas” and the “axis” are outstanding, because they have the highest ability of movement. The cleavage between the skull and the atlas of the cervical vertebrae allows the head to nod and back, as well as to swing the head from one shoulder to the other.

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How is stability on our foot?

During we stand, we have a lot of muscle work at the same time, called tonic muscles, which serve to last for work and to resist the body's gravity. There are 10 intrinsic muscles located in the sole of the foot along with several tendons that connect to muscles within the leg for broader movements.

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How we can taste?

Covered with thousands of bumps called pappilae, the tounge assists in chewing, swalling and speech. Pappilae also are the site of taste buds. Contrary to   popular belief, the toungue is not divided into taste regions.

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Where is the smallest bones in body?

Three small bones situated in the middle ear cavity, the auditory ossicles transmit vibrations to the inner ear which the brain converts into the sounds we hear. They accomplish their task by linking up as a chain with one end connecting to the eardrum and the other end to the inner ear. These bones are called “hammer”, “anvil” and “stirrup”.

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What is the biggest organ in human body?

You will find the answer on the exhibition.

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